Greaseface & Father Figuer & Rivan C


Father Figuer

Rivan C

Backside 405
Greaseface & Father Figuer & Rivan C

$15 advance | $20 day of show

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GREASEFACE: Three oily middle schoolers start a metal cover band. Good rural Vermont boys swept into a deranged rock n’ roll adventure. The prepubescent Sabbath impersonation falls short and an off-kilter-post-punk-something crawls through. Greaseface is born. The Grease Boys have been at it for a minute, putting out their own music, playing relentlessly, learning, sharpening the axe. You probably saw them in your friend's basement once. The cellar runneth over with swaying bodies, sonic ferocity, and above all, grease. They're definitely freaky, but Dad seems to like them? Seems like everyone is welcome. It's all grease n’ love here.

FATHER FIGUER: Father Figuer is a siren core trio based in Burlington, VT. Threading tales of melodrama, they seek to fill up pools for all your ugly lovelies to swim and scream around in. Keep an eye out for any of many projects soon to be released from the trio after a year of behind-the-scenes efforts

RIVAN C: Rivan Calderin, aka Rivan C., is a rapper, a singer, and a poet. Growing up the son of a DJ exposed him to a number of genres of music, all of which play a direct role on his songwriting process and his personal beliefs. “Old-school” artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, and KRS-One have made a large impact on Rivan’s lyrical ability, while “new-school” musicians such as Aminé and BROCKHAMPTON inspire Rivan to take contemporary advances in his rhythm and flow. Timeless singers like Sade and Erykah Badu influence Rivan to incorporate dreamy hooks and choruses into his songs. All of these artists and many, many more inspire Rivan C. to create music that yearns to be heard in today’s day and age.


COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:

+ We will be following all State of Vermont Health guidelines and mandates.

+ Per Governor Scott’s ‘Vermont Forward’ guidance, masks are encouraged, but not required.

+ Please exhibit mutual respect and kindness for your neighbors.

+ Stay home if you're sick or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.


2 & Under FREE

Venue Information:
Backside 405
405 Pine St

Burlington, VT, 05401