Better Things

Suburban Samurai, Ghastly Sound, Remi Russin

Showcase Lounge

$10 Advance | $15 Day of Show

All Ages

Emerging from a five-year silence, the emblematic alternative rock band from Vermont, Better Things, reignites the exhilarating energy that first united them in 2014.

This time, they return to the stage not only with the passion that set them apart, but also with a newfound depth and maturity, accrued through years of shared experiences and personal growth.

Better Things is primed for a resounding comeback with an unparalleled reunion show on the horizon. Their unique musical repertoire, a compelling blend of pop-punk, emo, and hard rock, has been honed and amplified, promising a performance that is as nostalgic as it is innovative.┬áThe familiar, yet evolved sound of Better Things promises an experience packed with electrifying surprises and heartfelt melodies that will surely transcend expectations.”