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Doobie is a rising star who bursted on the national scene in 2018 with his viral hits Nikki Sixx and When The Drugs Don’t Work, now having amassed nearly 100 million views. Melding together influences from hip hop and rock, Doobie is an eclectic star in the marking. Fast forward 2 years, over 100 headline shows and over 400 million steams, doobie is the next big artist.

Just like his music, Doobie has always stuck out. His early rock influences can be attributed to Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Metallica, alongside a constant stream of hip hop. With Kurt Cobain as one of his self-professed idols, Doobie’s hip hop music echoes a grunge element reminiscent of the 90s rock scene.

Today’s hip hop scene is the perfect climate for an artist like Doobie to emerge – where rap stars have replaced the rock stars of the past. Along with being and extremely talented rapper and singer, the Ohio native also produces the majority of his own music. Moving against the grain, Doobie avoids puling up the collabs and instead keeps his work extremely personal and reflective of his life struggles, including his battle with drug addiction from a young age. Shy and quiet outside of his music, Doobie chooses to speak through his songs.