Marcie Hernandez

Miriam Bernardo, Michael Chorney

Showcase Lounge

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$10 advance | $15 day of show


Come celebrate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month and join Marcie Hernandez for the official release party for her Tres Pedazos Music Video Trilogy.
Marcie will be joined by her full band featuring Daniel Gaviria on classical & electric guitar, Dave Carlson on bass, Abigail Sperry on keyboard, and Colin Henkel on drums, as well as a few very special guests. Miriam Bernardo & Michael Chorney will kick the evening off with an intimate duo set.
“Marcie Hernandez has a refreshing sense of self as she speaks her truth in song.” – Glide Magazine
Marcie Hernandez’s music lives in cultural dualities. Born to Puerto Rican parents & raised in Rochester, NY, Marcie is a singer-songwriter with a sound that combines Latin rhythms & instrumentation with the feel & lyrical vulnerability of indie folk music. Each of her songs is a snapshot of her life, telling stories of love & loss, growth & transformation.
Marcie spent the latter part of 2021 crowdfunding & writing grant applications to bring to life a new vision – a music video trilogy based on a personal narrative focused on the effects of generational trauma. The songs she chose, all from her debut album Amanecer, naturally laid out her story of rebirth and rediscovery of self.
She named the project Tres Pedazos, and describes it as being about, “honoring my ancestors; honoring the women who came before me in generations past who had to endure domestic violence and abuse. They didn’t have the opportunity to get away, but now I have the opportunity and privilege to give voice to their stories in my music and in this trilogy. This project is representative of my personal journey of stepping more authentically into myself as an artist, but also as a woman in my bloodline who gets to make different choices because of the freedom I have. I get to make a statement with this project, while also raising awareness around this issue and potentially helping others who also have been affected.”
With the crowdfunding campaign a success, as well as being awarded a coveted Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, Marcie got to work in early 2022 with local filmmakerMacaulay Lermanand together they began to bring Tres Pedazos to life!
Here is how Marcie describes the 3 songs that make up Tres Pedazos:
Winter: “I wrote this soon after moving to Vermont when I was questioning a lot of big aspects of my life. I was in a committed relationship, but I also felt lost. I didn’t trust myself, and in hindsight, I realize I didn’t really know myself.”


Quiet: “I wrote this song after losing a loved one to a drug overdose. The video explores themes of substance abuse, mental health issues and how the consequences of generational trauma can affect people differently. There is a history of domestic abuse in my family that has affected all of us differently. I feel that my disconnection to myself in my younger years was a result of this generational trauma.”
Amanecer: “I wrote this song after a long period of grieving the loss of a significant relationship in my life. For a long time after this break-up, I felt kind of numb and lifeless. And yet, I knew that being on my own was necessary for me to grow. Losing a relationship is always painful, and yet there are often gifts that can be found in the sorrow, if you are willing to look for them. In a way, the break-up allowed me to rediscover myself in a way I never had before. This is what Amanecer means: to wake up, to begin again with a renewed sense of self and a resilience you didn’t even know you had before.”
Tres Pedazosis supported in part by the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Community Foundation.