One Night in Love: An Immersive Electronic Music Experience

Night Protocol, D-LAV

DJ Spags, Anxiocide

Showcase Lounge

$10 Advance | $15 Day of Show

All Ages

ONE NIGHT IN LOVE: An Immersive Electronic Dance Music Experience

Featuring an enhanced sound system, an experiential light show, live projection visualizations, live art, photo booth, and more.

Night Protocol was formed in Burlington, Vermont, and has actively been performing and writing music since 2017. Night Protocol was created to unite the sounds of the past, present, and future with a cutting-edge style of electronic music.

Fueled by synthesizers and a devotion to the sounds of the 1980’s, Night Protocol performs their own blend of electronic music as a live band.

Night Protocol shows are driven by live analog synthesizers, pulsing basslines, ripping guitar solos, soaring saxophone leads, and harmonized vocals. Their live show takes a theatrical approach to music performance with coordinated visuals, lighting effects, and a contagious sense of passion and energy for the foundations of electronic music.


A regular on the Burlington DJ scene for 10 years, Spags entertained party goers every weekend from Red Square to Metronome. As a part of the artist collective “Hyper Sonic” w/ Reign One, Spags has headlined the Higher Ground stage 6 times including the sold out Burlington Blackout shows. Spags released an album of original productions in 2018, and has worked closely with many local legends in producing tracks of their own. A style of mixing sing along vocals, with melodic grooves and surprise twists, a DJ Spags set is always unpredictable, and high in energetic moments. After stepping away from music during the COVID pandemic, Spags is returning to the Higher Ground stage for one last time!

— D-LAV —

Dave Laven a.k.a. D-LAV’s first glimpse into electronic music culture began in the spring of 2001, when he stumbled upon the now defunct “Max-Mix Records” located on Church Street, in Burlington, VT, where he read a sign that said, “Take a DJ lesson with Craig Mitchell for 20$”. It was that moment D-LAV set out on a 20+ year journey, into the music.

After his first lesson, he fell in love with the art of mixing electronic music and began practicing his craft daily, until he was finally given his very first break with a gig in 2002 as an opener at the now legendary “Sunday Night Mass” party at Club Metronome.

Between 2002 and 2005 D-LAV earned his reputation in Vermont as a DJ who could work a variety of dance-floors through his regular appearances at “Sunday Night Mass”, “135 Pearl” and his now legendary after-hours parties.

He co-founded “Slanted House Records” with production partner “Shlavens” in 2004, which quickly developed a worldwide reputation for slick, progressive drum programming, accompanied by clever, funky, melodic, Vocal and driving-bass writing.

With nearly 130 releases under his belt on imprints such as Activated Recordings, Kult Records, Distraekt Records (UK) and Sound Groove Recordings (USA), D-Lav’s original productions and remixes continue to garner strong support from a wide variety of superstar DJ’s, to include the likes of Marco Carola, John Acquaviva, Satoshie Tomiie, Hector Romero, Saeed & Palash, Angel Moraes, Stephan Grodin, Jon Gurd, Craig Mitchell and The Electrolads. D-LAV’s tracks have been featured on several worldwide dance music charts, including Beatport’s “Top 50 Tracks of 2004”, John Acquaviva’s Top Ten on Beatport, and the “Balance Record Pool” Top 40.

D-LAV continues to grow his sound with a focus on creating party packing remixes of classic tracks like “Cry Little Sister”,“Walking on The Moon” and “Intergalactic”, which he often works into his dark, funky and loopy afterhours sets, that are known for driving dancefloors into frenzies.

He has been a solid supporter of the “Sunday Night Mass” brand for nearly two decades. Regularly in attendance and providing DJ support countless times, throughout the years. It’s only fitting that 2021 finally saw D-LAV, as an official resident DJ, of the long running series.


Grant Burton (aka Anxiocide) is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Burlington, Vermont. Anxiocide is becoming known in the area as a top riser among the DJ community and has recently released original music under the No Fun Intended music label.