South Burlington Friends of the Arts Present

SB Artmix 2023

Higher Ground Ballroom

$20 Advance | $25 Day of Show (Adults)
$15 Advance | $20 Day of Show (Students)

All ages

The South Burlington Friends of the Arts is proud to announce the lineup for SB ArtMix 2023.

Our 2023 event includes the incredible Myra Flynn and her band along with a talented trio including singer and songwriter Alison Turner, the powerful poet Rajnii Eddins and moth storyteller Mark Redmond. This unique event includes a gallery of local well known visual artists, including Gin Ferrara, Sam Wyatt, and Jacob Webber.

In this unique program, that includes an eclectic set of performance and visual artists we will also introduce you to local aspiring youth artists as well. Weโ€™ve spent the past months auditioning students and reviewing their work, the most promising being invited to share their work in this yearโ€™s program.

The South Burlington Friends of the Arts and SB ArtMix has three simple goals:

1) Raise funds for a needs-based scholarship for students who plan to continue their education after high school in the Visual or Performing Arts. All proceeds from this event support a needs-based arts scholarship for local youth.

2) Produce outstanding events and share and promote the arts in general, while engaging aspiring artists with professional artists and the public.

3) Promote community gatherings with the arts at the center โ€“ as a metaphor and rallying point to build relationship and understanding of each other.