King Bastard, Keepsake, Spaisekult

Showcase Lounge

$12 Advance | $15 Day of Show

All Ages

Wolfhand is an instrumental psych/doom band from Burlington, VT. Their spaghetti western themed concept record “The Devil Arrives” is available on all platforms.

King Bastard owes its fate to the beloved doom metal trio, Sleep, as Mike Verni, Isabel Guido, and Arthur Erb all met simultaneously at Stony Brook University orientation all because Mike was wearing a Dopesmoker shirt at the time. The three instantly became friends for a few years before forming the band as we know it today.

King Bastard was originally formed by Mike (guitar) and Arthur (bass) in November of 2018, when the two grew increasingly desperate to jam. Lacking a drummer, they sought one out by posting poorly photo-shopped flyers around campus. Eventually, this lead to the two playing with a drummer who had only been behind the kit for 6 months. Learning Black Sabbath covers quickly turned into full on improvisation as the duo tried to work around their drummer’s inexperience.

This in turn was what gave birth to King Bastard’s sound, a fusion of traditional doom riffs with experimental psychedelic jams. In the midst of finding their new sound, long time friend Isabel had joined the group to add synth to the mix, furthering the uniqueness of their sound. The band had decided that it was time for a more experienced drummer, leading them to cross paths with their current drummer Matt Ryan.