VSO Jukebox

Showcase Lounge

All tickets are seated GA
Pay what you want: $15, $25, $35

All Ages

The Jukebox fall series showcases the intersection between music and art with works inspired by vivid colors, imagery and artwork. Over the duration of the concert, the music will guide and inform a live painting experience with Haitian/Vermont artist Julio Desmont as he creates a new piece of artwork in real time. Curated and hosted by Matt LaRocca.

Desmont’s artistic journey begin in Haiti in his early childhood observing trogon birds and riding on Taptaps.  Later on, he was inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, Wassily Kandinsky, and Pablo Picasso whose inspirations went back to Africa – as well as the original American painter, Georgia O’Keefe.

The Jukebox Quartet

Brooke Quiggins-Saulnier and Ben Lively, violin

Stefanie Taylor, viola

John Dunlop, cello