Cowboy Junkies



“We come from a family of six kids and our oldest brother was the perfect age during the Golden Age of Rock and Roll poster. It was his responsibility to decorate the “kid’s room” in our basement, and he did so by covering the walls with some of the most famous posters of our era: Mr. Tambourine Man; Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out; Hendrix at Monterey Pop, the poster from the White Album, and many more… we even had a black light down there to enhance the experience. It’s always a pleasure to walk into a gig and see that someone has put some time and energy and thought into creating a poster for the show. We were so impressed by this poster for the Higher Ground show that we asked the artist to design a CD cover for us, which he did for our Waltz Across America CD.

-Cowboy Junkies