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HEARTLESS- A Tribute to Ann Wilson of Heart brings forward the Allies Tour in 2023 to promote equality and love through the music of Ann Wilson of Heart. Over the next year, we are reaching out to communities all over New England to promote equality, love, and community connection through music.

“We are in historic times with all the struggles we face today. We will make it known with every performance that no matter what your struggles are, we are your Allies, we have your back, and we are all in it together.” states the Lead singer who plays Ann Wilson and Manager, Jasmine White. Heartless is known for their community connection piece by covering “What about love” but they are taking it a step further this year dedicating the Heart classic song “Allies” for this very purpose.”

“The message is clear, and we are simply a vessel to deliver it.” says Jasmine “Heart’s lyrics speak of justice, love, and connection in the decades of songs they have written. Ann politely and shamelessly makes her statements connection, love, and letting the music guide you, so we have decided to do the same with the voice and the reach we must remind the community that Love Matters, Love Wins, and We cannot do it unless we do it together. We don’t just cover Ann’s songs. We bring forward her purpose, her passion, and combine her message with ours to make a positive impact, somewhere…anywhere.” While the band is putting final touches on their music selection and staging, they reached out to Ann Wilson’s assistant to get Ann’s thoughts and provide some words of advice. Ann Wilson’s response: “Absolutely, Yes. I love their commitment to truth. It is a beautiful idea and timely! I give it my 100% blessing.”

Heartless is a touring act for the upper East Coast and New England with a goal of playing each song as a true to live version of Ann Wilson’s performances. This band packs the house with each show with fans who sing along with classic Heart songs, and few well known Led Zeppelin covers commonly covered by Heart throughout their decades of tour. Each show, Heartless carries a special message to their audience, which brings focus to “Music speaks” and “bringing community together”. With the unmatched musicianship of the band members, we are true to the live delivery of all Heart and Zeppelin songs, and provide a true concert experience, both by musical performance, costumes, and character delivery.

Eight seasoned musicians dedicate their musical journey to the words of Ann Wilson. Band includes the musical talents of Kevin McEnerney, Scott Campbell, Jeff James, Bob DeFeo, Michael Stridsberg, Holly Mugford Bermingham, Jasmine White, and Doug Bordeaux.

Jasmine White, lead vocal, brings all the vocal flavors and personality of Ann Wilson alive. Jasmine delivers hit songs such as “Alone”, “What About Love“, “Straight On”, “Magic Man”, “Barracuda”, and “Crazy on You” with ease while bringing the rough edges of her vocals to the Led Zeppelin covers songs like “Whole Lotta Love”, “Stairway to Heaven”, and “Kashmir” as delivered by Ann Wilson on decades of tours. Complete in velvet coats, original stage worn attire from Ann Wilson, and the signature hair, Jasmine provides an unforgettable and undeniable “Ann Wilson” performance.