Hiss Golden Messenger

Showcase Lounge

$30 + $1 Charity Advance | $35 + $1 Charity Day of Show

$1 from every ticket goes to support the Durham Public Schools Foundation whose mission is to foster community support for public schools and invest in our students, educators, and families to ensure success and equity for every student.

All Ages

In 2010, M.C. Taylor—leader, songwriter and singer of Hiss Golden Messenger—sat down at his kitchen table and started writing and recording the songs that would eventually become his beloved album Bad Debt. At the time, the songwriter was living in a drafty cedar cabin in the woods outside of Pittsboro, North Carolina with his wife and three-month old son Elijah, having recently moved across the country from California. Taylor was, for all intents and purposes, out of the music game.

While his child slept, Taylor wrote and sang his finished compositions into a cassette tape recorder, voice and guitar in the same intimate moment. As songs began to coalesce—intimate meditations on labor and joy and love and the heartbreaking, confounding fullness of life—Taylor shared them with his closest friends, feeling as though he had found something special. He had 200 copies of the album pressed on vinyl, created the artwork himself, and sold them out of the trunk of his car. When those copies sold, he pressed and sold another 200. These early, hand-wrought versions have become sought-after relics.

Bad Debt was the name Taylor gave to the deep and vulnerable collection of songs he wrote at his kitchen table; it went on to be profiled in the NewYorker, the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Uncut Magazine, and many other publications, paving the way for Hiss Golden Messenger’s critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated career.

In the fall of 2024, Taylor will play a series of solo shows during which he will perform Bad Debt in its entirety, in addition to songs from the rest of his celebrated catalog. Keep your ear to the ground.