Upstate Elevator Co. Presents

Up In Smoke

Moondogs, No Showers on Vacation, Scram!, Comatose Kids

Showcase Lounge

$15 Advance | $18 Day of Show

All Ages

Up In Smoke is a 4/20 celebration and musical showcase by local favorites: Moondogs, No Showers on Vacation, Scram! and Comatose Kids.

Comatose Kids is an Alternative Funk Rock band based in Burlington, VT. Filled with high energy and improvisation, the band takes inspiration from a variety of genres including funk, rock, jazz, and punk. Members include Sawyer Bouley (Guitar & Vocals), Kai Pasciak (Bass & Guitar), Yann Calderwood (Keyboard, Bass, & Vocals), and Tobey Siegel (Drums & Vocals)

No Showers on Vacation is a funk, rock, jazz, and hip hop inspired band formed in 2019 in Burlington. Their music infuses deep psychedelic grooves with dynamic exploratory improvisation. Energy, creativity, and passion. Formed in 2019 in Burlington, VT, No Showers on Vacation infuses hints of rock, funk, disco, and jazz in a dynamic and improvisational setting. Their live performance encourages spontaneity and risk-taking ensuring that each song is its own unique experience and that no two performances sound the same.

Moondogs is a psych-rock band from Burlington, Vermont, blending elements of funk, alternative, jam, and progressive rock wrapped around memorable hooks, creative songwriting, and energetic performances from the trio of musicians; Will Sturcke on lead vocals and guitar, David Battit on bass, and Jimmy Martucci on drums.

Burlington-based band Scram! is a vehicle of unimaginable proportions. Improvisation is the centerfold of a Scram! set. It is weaved into a network of all original, mostly instrumental music. With hints of jazz, funk, blues, and jam, they have proved time and time again that anything can happen at a Scram! show. Stories have been told, venues have been marched into, and raw music is expressed through the 4 humans that make up this team. Sam Lyons (drums) Sam Gelpi (saxophones) Evan Barker (bass) Van Garrison (keyboards).